Hot Blooded!

2008-04-17 18:04:01 by Phrozin

I've finished animating part A and B of scene 1. I've rendered out both cameras needed for part A. Part B only needs to be rendered and part C needs some tweaking on the blood particles. When I get a chance, I'll try to make it so when they collide with anything, they'll just turn into sticky, very slow moving particles, so they'll leave a blood trail. Next, I need to finish modeling Jack so I can make a skinned version of him, like Frank from Hellraiser and a skeleton version. I'm going to have to post the screenplay somewhere so I don't sound like a freaking maniac.

Anyhow, I'd have some stills up, but I had to leave everything I rendered at college. The computers were crashing because the AC isn't up and running yet, so the computer lab classes were canceled. I also don't have enough space on my flash drive to fit the gig of rendered images. I really need to get an portable drive. The smiley isn't crying, he's sweating in the PC labs.


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