2008-05-01 09:08:32 by Phrozin

Now that I'm pretty much done rendering out scene 1 C, that means I'll be able to have the entire first and second scene in After Effects. The third scene is easy enough: the family sitting on the couch, then the camera switches to the TV. I made the TV screen into a solid green so that I can key it out and have my fourth scene, a laboratory, on it. I just hope that I can get the characters that I need for the lab scene done and animated.

I only have until next Thursday to turn in my Maya and Flash projects. Next Wednesday for my Director project. I'm almost done with my Flash project, it's just an updated version of my Family Values site. As for Director, it's a portfolio interface. I'm using 'hands' as my theme since it's my logo. You'd be surprised at how many different things you can make using only 3 pictures of your own hand.

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