Entry #1


2008-03-12 23:58:27 by Phrozin

Been working on quite a few different projects in different programs:

Flash - A black and white zombie short

Maya - had to do a product, I picked the TMNT Mouser toy. It's in a sewer. Finished rendering everything out and put it in After Effects. Just have to finish the TMNT logo and animate that.

Director (Shockwave) - I have to do redesigns of 3 of our projects. I'm going to make a zombie head MP3 player, probably a zombie head configurator, and maybe some kind of coloring book thing. I also have to make some kind of original thing, might make a small game.

My spring break is almost over, so I'll have a whole lot less time to work on my short. Below is a screen shot of some broken mousers and some throwing stars in the wall.



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2008-03-14 20:47:06

niggger spic

Phrozin responds:

My jaw just cracked as I was yawning.


2008-03-16 13:21:25

Dont worry, the people who are name calling really dont have much of a life! They are just jealous that they cant come up with a flash like this and they are just a waste of space on this earth! Grow up!

Phrozin responds:

<3 <3


2008-03-17 01:43:21

you all deserved to be crushed.

Phrozin responds:

I hope you mean the spammers and not me


2008-04-15 16:21:42

I love how arushi down there thinks repition makes him sound cool, what sounds cool is the sound of a bullet flying through his non-existant brain...also I hate Fleek, so if you flame him then we're friends even if you don't want to be. Anyway I've liked your stuff so far, and good picture by the way. Hope to see more of your stuff soon,