Family Values

2008-03-26 08:35:42 by Phrozin

I'm going to be working on a 3D version of my cartoon (see site.) I'm hoping by the end of the semester, I have 5 minutes or more of it done and rendered. I'm almost done working on Caleb's model, just need to mess with the blend shapes a little and do the last of the rigging. After that, it's just the mapping and texturing, but that'll be the easiest part.

I'd like to get the whole (about 10-11 pages) thing done, but we'll see how far I get.


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2008-03-27 22:29:20

dude halarious comment on fleek's page hahahah mayonaise that's great!

Phrozin responds:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, mayonnaise. Anyway, any comment on my upcoming stuff or my Family Values site?


2008-04-12 12:02:45

That's for the heads up on the flash advice.
It was very helpful

Phrozin responds:

No problem. You should really thank my teacher, he's the one that tells everyone about these cool sites.