Flash stuff

2009-03-26 20:17:53 by Phrozin

I'm working on a portfolio site to showcase my work. It's going to have my hand theme though out it.

I've also be come a contributor to for JoeBlackAttacks.com, so I'll be making a webtoon for that, which I'll submit on here when it's done. Whee.


2008-05-01 09:08:32 by Phrozin

Now that I'm pretty much done rendering out scene 1 C, that means I'll be able to have the entire first and second scene in After Effects. The third scene is easy enough: the family sitting on the couch, then the camera switches to the TV. I made the TV screen into a solid green so that I can key it out and have my fourth scene, a laboratory, on it. I just hope that I can get the characters that I need for the lab scene done and animated.

I only have until next Thursday to turn in my Maya and Flash projects. Next Wednesday for my Director project. I'm almost done with my Flash project, it's just an updated version of my Family Values site. As for Director, it's a portfolio interface. I'm using 'hands' as my theme since it's my logo. You'd be surprised at how many different things you can make using only 3 pictures of your own hand.

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Hot Blooded!

2008-04-17 18:04:01 by Phrozin

I've finished animating part A and B of scene 1. I've rendered out both cameras needed for part A. Part B only needs to be rendered and part C needs some tweaking on the blood particles. When I get a chance, I'll try to make it so when they collide with anything, they'll just turn into sticky, very slow moving particles, so they'll leave a blood trail. Next, I need to finish modeling Jack so I can make a skinned version of him, like Frank from Hellraiser and a skeleton version. I'm going to have to post the screenplay somewhere so I don't sound like a freaking maniac.

Anyhow, I'd have some stills up, but I had to leave everything I rendered at college. The computers were crashing because the AC isn't up and running yet, so the computer lab classes were canceled. I also don't have enough space on my flash drive to fit the gig of rendered images. I really need to get an portable drive. The smiley isn't crying, he's sweating in the PC labs.

Family Values

2008-03-26 08:35:42 by Phrozin

I'm going to be working on a 3D version of my cartoon (see site.) I'm hoping by the end of the semester, I have 5 minutes or more of it done and rendered. I'm almost done working on Caleb's model, just need to mess with the blend shapes a little and do the last of the rigging. After that, it's just the mapping and texturing, but that'll be the easiest part.

I'd like to get the whole (about 10-11 pages) thing done, but we'll see how far I get.


2008-03-12 23:58:27 by Phrozin

Been working on quite a few different projects in different programs:

Flash - A black and white zombie short

Maya - had to do a product, I picked the TMNT Mouser toy. It's in a sewer. Finished rendering everything out and put it in After Effects. Just have to finish the TMNT logo and animate that.

Director (Shockwave) - I have to do redesigns of 3 of our projects. I'm going to make a zombie head MP3 player, probably a zombie head configurator, and maybe some kind of coloring book thing. I also have to make some kind of original thing, might make a small game.

My spring break is almost over, so I'll have a whole lot less time to work on my short. Below is a screen shot of some broken mousers and some throwing stars in the wall.